The Mentors


All of our mentors are experts in their trade with skills spanning photography, sales, marketing, album design and production.

They understand that no two photography studios are alike and will be sharing all their knowledge so you can create solutions that work for you.


Milton Gan

Speciality: Marketing

Milton is an award-winning documentary wedding photographer, and the founder of The Album Atelier. He is also a passionate educator, mentor and advocate for the photography industry and was the AIPP NSW State President from 2014-2016.

Milton will be sharing his insights from a career in advertising and marketing to explain the importance of understanding your clients' needs and how creating a carefully curated range of products will activate your clients' desire to buy before you've even met them. Milton will also share results from his latest pricing experiments.



Speciality: Storytelling

Eric is a Melbourne-based wedding photographer and AIPP Master of Photography. With a previous career as a filmmaker, creativity and visual storytelling are traits that comes naturally to Eric and this was evident in 2017 when Eric won AIPP Australian Album of the Year.

Eric will be sharing his approach to telling real stories about real people and real emotions and how that then translates into print through his album design workflow.


Haley Richardson

Speciality: In Person Sales

Haley is an AIPP Master of Photography with accolades including AIPP ACT Professional Photographer of the Year and Portrait Album of the Year. She is one half of The Beautiful Collective wedding studio where, alongside her sidekick Darren, she combines her background in fine art and highly successful track record in sales to generate an incredible amount of income from in-person sales.

Haley and Darren will be teaching how every wedding photographer can easily increase their income from in-person sales. They will also run simulated sales consultations to show their proven techniques in practice.


Darren Van De Wint

Speciality: In Person Sales

Darren is an AIPP Master of Photography and award winning wedding photographer alongside Haley at The Beautiful Collective. Since 1996 he has been using the art of album design for sales success and his accumulation of knowledge and experience is the powerful basis for proven and practical solutions in an ever changing wedding photography industry.

Darren and Haley will be teaching how every wedding photographer can easily increase their income from in-person sales. They will also run simulated sales consultations to show their proven techniques in practice.


Dan O'Day (sydney only)

Speciality: Marketing

Dan is a renowned destination wedding photographer and educator, an AIPP Master of Photography and the 2016 AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer Of The Year. In 2013 Dan won the Head On Momento Documentary Photobook of the Year Award and in 2015 he won AIPP ACT Wedding Album of the Year.

Dan will be sharing his passion for print by teaching the importance of valuing your work, how to educate your clients on pricing, and his distinctive approach to selling and designing albums.



Speciality: Marketing

Erin & Tara are two of Australia’s leading wedding photographers with a signature approach synonymous with romantic, expressive and timeless photography. Their work is regularly published in publications such as Harpers Bazaar and Vogue Bride, and they are also artistic directors of their own successful brand and studio POET.

Erin & Tara will be revealing some of the traditional and progressive marketing techniques that have helped them to build a carefully curated and highly successful brand.


Libby Jeffery

Speciality: Album Marketing

Libby is the co-founder and marketing manager of Sydney-based photobook creators Momento Pro. With a background in communications and media production, Libby is passionate about encouraging photographers of all levels to design books that enhance the meaning of the original images and become artworks in their own right.

Libby will be explaining the features and benefits of albums and how to make them work for you.


Geoff Hunt

Speciality: Album Production

Geoff is the co-founder and production manager of Momento Pro. His background in digital media production and software engineering led to the creation of Momento's proprietary software that empowers photographers to create and self publish photobooks.

Geoff will be demystifying all things production-related, from colour profiles and file preparation to paper types and finishes.