Who is this workshop for?

The Album Atelier was created with established wedding photographers in mind, typically those with around five years of experience and a regular stream of bookings, who are keen to energise and elevate their businesses through introducing and mastering a highly profitable revenue stream.

But more importantly it's about having the right mindset. So if you're an emerging wedding photographer or a portrait or family photographer, and you have the desire to market your albums better, build your confidence in selling, and hone your design workflow, then The Album Atelier is definitely for you and we would for love you to join us!

Why should I care about selling albums?

This will be covered by all our mentors during the event but here are some of our favourite reasons:

  • Albums are hands down the best way to tell the story of a wedding, with spreads of related images bringing the chapters of the day to life. By comparison, digital files are viewed one at a time on a screen which isn't fun for you or your eyes.

  • Everyone loves a good book and albums are the most enjoyable way to showcase and appreciate the incredible images you created. 

  • Albums are future-proof and will last for generations, unlike digital media which will always eventually fail.

  • As wedding photographers it's our responsibility to offer albums to our clients. If we don't offer them, who will?

  • Albums are a rich source of additional and sustainable revenue that can transform your business and your life. The extra income will boost your bottom line, pay your bills during the quieter months and empower you to shoot less and spend more time with your family.

I'm not offering albums yet. Can I still attend?

Absolutely. Everyone has to start somewhere and the Atelier will be the best place to get your grounding as it will be an end-to-end deconstruction of the album process, covering everything from choosing a supplier to selling, marketing and designing albums.

I hate selling. Are you just going to teach me how to be a sleazy salesperson?

No way. We hate the hard sell too so we'll only be teaching and demonstrating simple, no-pressure selling tips and techniques that result in educated and informed couples who understand the value and importance of albums and are more than happy to invest extra budget into them.

I want to sell more albums but do I need a studio space to be successful?

No you don't. Studios are a great sales environment but we deliberately designed this workshop to help all wedding photographers regardless of how they run their businesses. Our panel of mentors includes home studio based photographers and destination photographers who are hardly ever home, so we know only too well that there isn't a one size fits all solution.

How much does it cost?

Tickets are $495 and include full day access to all classes and sessions, lunch, morning and afternoon breaks, a goody bag, automatic entry to prize giveaways and promos, and a well-earned drink at the after party.

Places are limited so be quick to secure your place.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, you can pay for your ticket in monthly instalments by EFT. The ticket must be paid in full prior to the workshop date. Please email for more details.

Do you offer refunds if I need to pull out?

Sorry, there are no refunds but if you can't attend you can transfer your ticket to another person and arrange payment between yourselves.

Will I get a decent return on my investment?

Yes, and then some! Unlike many workshops that are just about listening and taking notes that you never look at again, The Album Atelier will improve your business and client handling skills so you can start generating extra income straight away.

When you apply what our mentors will teach you we guarantee you'll earn your ticket price back very quickly, but let's look at a realistic example: if you currently sell 20 albums per year, by selling just three extra pages per album at $100 per page you'll generate $6,000 of new revenue which is 12 times the ticket price.

And five extra pages per album at $150 per page x 20 albums is $15,000 so you can see how quickly the numbers grow. But it's not just about selling additional pages; selling more albums overall and extras such as parent albums can very quickly lead to a healthy five or even six-figure revenue stream.

Sound good? Come along and let us show you how to do this easily and successfully. 

Will there be ongoing support?

Yes there will. Our vision is to build a community of passionate album-oriented wedding photographers, so all attendees will have access to a private Facebook group where you can continue to network, share your wins and tips, and ask each other for help and advice. Our mentors will also check in whenever they can to provide support.

Still have questions?

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