About The Album Atelier

The Album Atelier is Sydney's first multi-speaker workshop and community dedicated purely to the business and art of wedding albums. In fact we believe it could even be a world first!

The event's creator is Milton Gan, a renowned wedding photographer, mentor, educator and former NSW President of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). Along with photographers Dan O'Day, The Beautiful Collective, and Lara Hotz, professional album designer Renee Blake, and Libby and Geoff from album producers Momento Pro, Milton will lead the exclusive group of attendees on a journey of enlightenment and inspiration.

We sat down with Milton to find out how The Album Atelier came about and what attendees can expect from this special event.

Q: Why did you decide to create this event?

A: I've always been passionate about educating wedding photographers and I realised that there's a growing demand for business-based workshops here in Australia that isn't being met. Most of the big workshops are held in the US and Europe and they mainly cater for new photographers who need to find their creative voice, book their first weddings or improve how they shoot. But experienced photographers are beyond that stage; they want to earn more money and create a better work-life balance and I want to help them achieve that.


Q: Why albums?

A: Albums are a fantastic source of revenue and can even double a wedding photographer's income, but they're often overlooked, avoided or underrated, mainly due to a lack of confidence and strategy in selling and the understandable fear of coming across as a sleazy salesperson. I understand exactly how that feels. When I started out I offered albums in all my packages but had a fear of selling extra pages. However, a few years ago I conquered that fear using some crazily simple tips and have since developed a successful, no-pressure approach that brings in an additional five figure income stream. I want to change the perception of albums and help photographers to realise they too can easily overcome their barriers, build the confidence to sell albums and share in the same success I and many others have achieved.


Q: What does the name mean?

A: Atelier is the French word for a professional artist's workshop where the master trains their students by sharing their skills and knowledge, and that's exactly what I wanted to create - an immersive environment and community where photographers can come together to grow in their craft. The only difference is that rather than learning from one expert, our attendees will be learning from eight! The term atelier also felt appropriate as I wanted this to be an intimate event (there are only 50 places per day) where each attendee could get to know all of the mentors during the course of the day, receive individual attention during the practical sessions, and have their questions answered during the Q&A discussion.


Q: how did you choose the MENTORs?

A: When I decided that I wanted to make this workshop the definitive guide to the entire album process spanning everything from marketing and sales to design and production, it was actually pretty easy to create my dream team. I'm privileged to know them all personally and knew that as leading experts in their fields (and pretty cool guys to spend a day with!) they would be only too happy to share their knowledge and leave our attendees motivated, energised and raring to sell! They also bring a variety of experiences and techniques that work for their particular business set ups and this is really important because it will allow the attendees to pick and choose the tips and advice they think will work best for their own businesses.


Q: What MAKES the album atelier different?

A: So many things! It's a truly unique event that combines elements of a workshop, seminar and community. One of the distinctive features is that we don't want the attendees to just listen and take a few notes. That might work for some workshops but it's not the way to learn how to sell and build your confidence. So we have included a practical session where the attendees get into small groups, led by the mentors, to practice selling to each other without fear of making mistakes. There will also be a mock sales session led by Darren and Haley from The Beautiful Collective where attendees will see and hear exactly how they achieve their fantastic $4k - $5k average album sale per wedding.


Q: What can attendees expect to gain from the workshop?

A: A lot! During the course of one intensive day our attendees will learn progressive, pressure-free techniques to educate their couples and sell them the optimal album design they deserve. They will also learn the latest workflows to streamline and accelerate the album design process. The result will be an even better experience for their couples, increased confidence in selling, and a sustainable revenue stream that will take their earnings to a whole new level!